A King’s Breakfast

Breakfast frittata by Sam's mom.

I just discovered a cute web series called “Couple Time,” about the things a couple says and does when they are alone. My favorite installment is the one where the girlfriend offers to cook her boyfriend “a king’s breakfast” if he gets up to feed the cat.

I keep jokingly offering to cook a king’s breakfast for Sam, but the reality is that I don’t have much more to offer than the girl in the video. I could cook a middle class person’s breakfast, at best… scrambled eggs, maybe some pancakes from a mix…

I think the most royal breakfast I’ve ever experienced was last December at Sam’s parent’s house. They made challah French toast, a breakfast frittata, sliced melon… and we ate it in the dining room on breakable plates.

What would be a king’s breakfast, in your book? Could you actually cook one if you needed to bribe someone with it?

Also… does anybody know where I can get that bedspread? (Urban Outfitters?)


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