Butter Days Ahead…

Freakin' tree branches. Jerks.

Last night some crazy winds whipped up in LA. I was really worried that this big power line outside my window was going to fall into my bedroom. That would be shocking. (Get it?)

So, the wind was loud. I didn’t sleep much. I had a shitty dream that some thugs held up my office. I had another shitty dream that my apartment manager was rushing to my door to deliver bad news, shouting, “Somebody call for help!”

This morning I was watching “Top Chef” on my couch (about to find out who was eliminated) when I heard my apartment manager saying, “Who owns the Corolla that’s parked on the street?”

Shit. Dreams sometimes come true, kids! Shitty ones. (So far my office is thug-free.)

Long story short: A tree branch did a number on my car’s backside. A really big tree branch. (That’s not even the big one… somebody pulled it off before I came out.)

But it could be worse. Up the street, a WHOLE TREE uprooted (next to the gas station… eek). And at least my bedroom remained intact. (For now.)

So I did the whole insurance/tow-truck thing (my car beeped pathetically the whole way to the collision center), and got a rental that needed gas. Of course, the nearby gas station was shut down, due to wind. (I’m really going to worry about that rental tonight, when the winds whip up again…) But I eventually found gas… so that worked out okay.

I grew up with these winds all the time in OC, and the worst thing that ever happened to me was a sinus headache. So I guess I had this coming?

Did I mention that I had just ordered a $300 part for my car– to fix a tiny little broken lock issue? (I’m having bad car-ma, lately.)

Did I mention that Sam’s Christmas present is now stuck in my inoperable trunk?

BUT at least I’m intact, and I have insurance. And Sam’s gift– if it’s broken– is replaceable. (As you can see, I keep reminding myself that it’s all fine fine fine… ish.)

And a few things really cheered up my afternoon–

First– since I missed the end of “Top Chef”– I’m really enjoying Videogum’s recap of the episode. Side-splitting, as usual. Like Gabe, I am unnerved by weird Chris and his objectification of all humans.

Second– well, I’ll let you see the conversation.

Ris: Not to abruptly subject change

me: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?
  is that happening?
Ris: YES
Ris: They announced it today
me: I might have to blog this
Ris: I don’t know when it will be open
  They’re still trying to figure out where to PUT it for eff’s sake
  it’s not like we have the room Orlando does
 me: just put it over something else that we don’t need that much
  just stick it over the hollywood sign. whatever.
Ris: hahahahaha
Let’s just take out everything on H’Wood/Highland
  Except the Roosevelt
 me: and replace it with a REAL HOGWARTS

See what you miss when your car gets crushed by a tree?

And see how food-related things always make me feel better? Ha. I’m so easy.

But seriously, how exciting is that? We’re getting a Wizarding World! Now I don’t have to take a stupid trip to Florida just to drink butterbeer. (I mean, not that it wouldn’t be worth it, but I don’t know if I can afford a trip to Florida right now.)

Until then– you can make these Butterbeer Cupcakes, if you feel like doing something complicated with your life. (You have to use a SQUEEZE-Y BOTTLE to feel them with GANACHE.) (Complicated.)

And until then, I anxiously await to hear whether my poor old car (Sylvie) is totaled… (and I hope the winds leave LA for another decade, and/or I need a better parking plan.)


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