Do It Yourself: A Quesadilla Phase

Triangles make everything taste better.

Every few years I go through a quesadilla phase. It typically comes out of nowhere (or maybe I’d see former-roomie Lauren making one and be inspired) and goes away by the time I’ve gone through one or two bags of tortillas. It’s like… when the locusts come. Very mysterious. (And luckily I don’t actually live in locust country, because I’m not a bug person.) (How many people are, really?)

Aaanyway, I always have problems locating good, not-too-unhealthy tortillas. Sometimes I walk into the tortilla (or bread) section of the grocery store and an grossed out by the smell of– I don’t know, maybe wheat? Flour? So I have to smell the bags to see if they offend.

I actually thought that the smell-thing might be indicative of a bread allergy, which is why last year I spent a week not eating bread to see what would happen. (Nothing notable, except that I didn’t get to eat my bread-crouton thing when I went to Tender Greens with Sam on our THIRD DATE.) (When I told him I might be allergic to bread, I’m sure he was like, GREAT. Self-diagnosing allergies? She seems like a PEACH.)

I ended up trying a new (to me) brand of flour tortillas– La Banderita. I really like them because they have layers… if you know what I mean. You can kind of peel them in half.

All that and 0g of transfats!

So I’m a happy camper. Until I get the vapors again, re: the smell of bread. (Seriously, am I weird? Do other people know what I’m talking about?)

And in case you’re wondering I happen to be using the Trader Joe’s brand light Mexican cheese blend, but I’m sure any will do. And I make my quesadillas in the microwave. Yes, yes, I’ve learned by now– everything tastes better on the stove. But… nothing tastes as good as lazy feels. (At least not right now.)


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