Snack Trek: Boston (Mr.) Tea Party

One if by land... two if you're not driving.

Last year, Mr. Tea (Sam) and I made the long-ish trek to Redlands to see Lauren (of course!) and to snack on some apple cider donuts. That was about a 3 hour round trip, by car. This weekend, we’re flying from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, stealing a car (legally) and driving 5 hours to Amherst to breakfast on the apple cider donuts (and apples… and cider) of Sam’s wily college years.

So yeah– we’re officially a little bit nutty. (I’ve never seen autumn foliage on the East Coast– so that’s a big part of the agenda, too.)

And as long as we’re in the area, we can’t NOT go to Sam’s hometown of Boston and dine on the best burgers, lobstah, chowdah, Italian food, beer… and whatever else we can find. (Or… fit in our stomachs, as the case may be for me.)

I’m arming myself with a camera, some cash, and a few rolls of TUMS. I’ll report back next week…


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