Just In Time for the High Holidays…

Kosher bacon yogurt?

Today I went to the local FroYo Life, hoping to find pumpkin on tap. Instead I encountered maple bacon donut. At first I was like, gross! Meat ice cream! And I don’t eat bacon!

And then I read the fine print: Kosher.

So… no meat (can’t mix it with dairy). No bacon. Therefore, I tried it. And… it was pretty much yummy maple flavor. Good times. (Not even sure why they used the word bacon… probably for the novelty.)

Happy high holidays, fellow Jews!

(Oh… and in a little over a week I’ll be eating these donuts!!! Living the dream.)


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2 thoughts on “Just In Time for the High Holidays…

  1. Can we expect to see this yogurt at the Orange County Fair next year? Maybe not. They only sell deep-fried faire. No pun intended.

  2. So jealous that you will be eating Atkins Cider Donuts. When do you leave? I would totally give you money to get me a pack.

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