Operation Meat Drop

Dishing it out.

I’m very happy to report that I found a home for a great big portion of the meats. The deal went down a little something like this…

me: i could provide the tupperware
i would buy some grocery store gladware
to give this beef a good home
Ris: hahahaha
me: it’s like i’m trying to get it adopted
Well my stomach would like to cut through all the red tape with your agency as quickly as possible and get this adoption rolling

By the time I got back from dropping the beef at her apartment, she’d already emailed me to say– WHAT this is a lot of meat! The pictures aren’t doing this situation justice– you can’t really understand how much meat this is until you see it in person. (When you talk about meat as much as I have been talking about meat today, you kind of forget about double entendres. So… forgive me.)

That left me with a much more manageable portion for myself. (And– as my friend Austen pointed out– I could totally freeze some. This didn’t even OCCUR to me. I’m such a crocking newb.)

As long as I was picking up some new food storage containers, I grabbed some stuff to make a nice little BBQ brisket-style sandwich for dinner. I used beef, coleslaw, and spicy mustard. (I would have used red horseradish for the spice, but I couldn’t find it.)

Hey, you look pretty tasty.
One really crazy note– the coleslaw from the Albertsons deli has pineapple in it. At first I thought it was some sort of pineapple-fell-in-the-coleslaw mistake, but then I realized that there were MANY pieces. Since when has that been a thing?
Hello? What is going on?
Meanwhile, Sam is still working on his beef stew. Here’s a live update from the front. (He has been eating this steadily since Friday night… paging Dr. Gulag.) (Let’s be real, it’s probably much better than anything ever served at a gulag.)
Stew of the Sam.

So yeah… whatever… don’t cry for me, Argentina. I handled my beefs. I got so much beef, I ain’t got time for a beef with you.


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