The (Not-Too-Terrible) Curse of the Crock Pot

The long national nightmare is over!

You may recall that I did some crock pot cooking last weekend. Chicken cacciatore. It made a very delicious dinner on Saturday night.

I ate it again for lunch on Sunday. On Monday I brought it to work with the last of the linguine. On Tuesday I forgot to make more linguine, so I just ate chicken. And I kept eating the chicken on Wednesday, Thursday, and today (Friday). (If Sam hadn’t joined me for dinner last Saturday, I might have had to eat it for lunch all weekend.)

Maybe as a sweet goodbye, today the chicken juice leaked out of my plastic container and got all over my reusable snack bags. Thanks, buddy. I’ll remember you always. (Luckily the bags are highly washable.)

So… when you cook crock pot dinner for one, make sure you like that meal enough to want to eat it for many, many subsequent meals. (It’s very cost-effective, if you’re okay with the monotony.) (Crock pots are the Costco of cooking.)

OR– give some of it away. I have an idea– say you crock it up over the weekend, and give half to a friend. Then THEY crock and roll on Tuesday or Wednesday and give half to YOU, and it finishes out the week. You still have to eat the same thing for multiple meals, but maybe 3 or 4 meals rather than 6+.

Or… just half the recipe.

Happy Impending Weekend!


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