(More) Snack Sacks!

Adding a bit of cheer to the gray cubicle.

The first two reusable snack bags were successful, but I realized that I often use more than just two bags when I pack my lunch. So I turned back to the internet for more bags. MORE! MORE! (Actually just two.)

I decided to branch out and try another brand. This time I chose snackTAXI, because their designs are so cute! My PB Green Bags have Velcro all the way across the top, whereas the snackTaxi ones have a little Velcro tab. Since each brand seems to be based out of a different family’s home, there are lots of interesting variations– but they all seem to work well.

I urge you to buy a bag or two and check them out! Is there anything cuter than those rainbow apples & pears, or the adorable tea time pattern? It makes me look forward to packing my lunch! (Sometimes I feel like I’m taking care of a young child– packing snacks in her lunch so she won’t get cranky, cooking her a nice healthy dinner rather than letting her eat fast food, not letting her eat too much dessert because it will make her tummy hurt. I’m a high maintenance toddler!)

But seriously, my inner child and my outer adult feel good about my one-woman attempt to not fill landfills with my Ziploc usage.


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