Sunday in the Market with Lisianthus

New to me!

Today I finally visited the Los Feliz Famers’ Market, in the Post Office parking lot on Vermont. I saw several types of flowers that I’d never encountered before– in the picture you can see lisianthus and coxcond. Just when I thought I could call myself a flower person… there are still so many more to learn about. It’s an uphill battle.

I picked up some delightful little heirloom tomatoes…

I can't wait to eat you.

… along with green grapes, strawberries… and I couldn’t walk away from the lisianthus. I’m a sucker for purple flowers. (I might have purchased more, but I DID have to carry everything home.)

Hey buddies.

Now that the weather has HOPEFULLY taken a turn for the cooler, the apartment seems to be more hospital to living things.

Speaking of pretty things… thanks to the influence of Lauren and Whitney, I recently got a Pinterest account. I’m looking forward to pinning all sorts of flowers and recipes and other delights. (I just acquired a crock pot… very exciting.) (Send me your time-tested, easy-peasy recipes.)

Happy Sunday. I hope you get a chance to stop and smell a new (to you) flower!


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