These cookies are like little pillows of amazing.

Remember last weekend when it was the hottest time ever? Well, it just so happened that I chose THAT WEEKEND to have a birthday gathering, for which I asked everybody to bake me something. I AM THE WORST. (I mean, I chose it before I knew…)

I decided to make pudding cookies, which are the softest, most delightful and possible most delicious cookies you’ll ever have. (When you read the recipe, you’ll see that I’ve switched around the pudding/chip flavors, and I omit the walnuts. You never know who’s allergic to nuts.)

I discovered these cookies several years ago, when my friend Melissa quasi-randomly sent me to the link to the recipe. I last made them for an Emmy party in 2008, during my first year at my former apartment. The whole party I was pulling cookies out of the oven, and my friends could not stop eating them. (Like most Southern California residents, my friends were in a state somewhere between bliss and anger when they were presented with baked goods.)

I’m not going to say that these cookies are healthy, but they have a relatively small amount amount of butter and sugars. And I believe the pudding is the secret ingredient that gives them their fluff. (That, and sifting/stirring all the flour/baking soda in slowly.)

Also– don’t worry about working out the day you make these, because the fluff and lightness of the batter is achieved through some seriously strenuous mixing.

I walked to the store to buy the ingredients, and by the time I got home the butter was already softened. Convenient! (HOT.)

Mixin' it up!

For the first batch, I used lemon Jell-O pudding and white chocolate chips (morsels– what a funny word). This might be my favorite combo. If you’re only going to make one batch and you like lemon, you have to try these.

The cool thing, though, is that you can get really crazy mixing and matching the flavors. Chocolate pudding and peanut butter chips? Sure. Lime pudding and dark chocolate chips? Whatever floats your boat!

After some heavy stirring, you get this:

Close but not yet dough.

The next step is stirring in two eggs, followed by the aforementioned sifting-in of the flour. At that point, the dough begins to give off the fragrant lemon scent. And it is ANGEL SOFT. You need to experience the phenomenon for yourself.

Here it is with the chips stirred in.

SO FLUFFY. (You had to be there.)

Then you bake. Putting the VERY FIRST BATCH into the oven, I burned my hand. Awesome. So every batch after that, when I got near the oven my burn would tingle. (Not in a good way.)

I had one cookie sheet and borrowed one from Sam, and each batch makes 3 or 4 cookie sheets worth of cookies. And my oven only HOLDS two cookie sheets. So… you can see why this took a while. (Luckily the cookies only bake for 8-10 minutes.)

Also… my apartment doesn’t have as many surfaces as I thought. The cookies were taking over like Tribbles.

This is just the first half of the first batch. On the dining room table.

Here’s a view of the kitchen…

The cookies are taking over.

That’s the second batch of the lemons cooling, and the next flavor in progress– Chocolate Jell-O pudding with butterscotch and milk chocolate morsels (too much butterscotch is overpowering, in my opinion).

Here we go again...

I made the cookies bigger in the 2nd batch, because I didn’t want to have to bake as many sheets of them.

Be done with you, hot-kitchen-making demons!

This yielded a lot of cookies, but they go fast. Seriously, it’s an easy recipe and people get VERY excited about these cookies. Especially when they find out that the secret ingredient is Jell-O pudding mix!

So go out there and impress your friends. (Especially if using your oven won’t turn your kitchen/apartment into a furnace. I SURVIVED!!!)


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