Snack Trek: BRUXIE (Old Towne Orange)

Wafflin' around.

You may remember Bruxie from Emily’s guest post. Recently I went to Bruxie for the first time, and I couldn’t NOT take a few pictures. So here they are. I can’t deny the world some waffle-pixels.

I went with my high school friend, Karen, who was in from the East Coast. We decided to brave the heat and the line… you can see that the misters were on at full blast.

Misters for the misters and mistresses.

Misters never seem to work on me. I just end up feeling sweaty.

Anyway. I ordered the one with mushrooms. I wasn’t sure if I was in the mood for mushrooms, and even despite that I liked it. The mushrooms were marinated all deliciously. Karen ordered the one with lox, but I guess I didn’t get a picture.

Note to the wise: The seating/standing at tall tables situation isn’t great. Karen and I got our food to go and walked across the street to Chapman, to get some space/quietude. (Don’t take too long to eat it, or your waffle will get soggy. That kinda kills it… I only had a few soggy bites, and they made me sad.)

Because we were leaving the vicinity of ketchup, I armed myself with a CUP of ketchup.

Enough? Not enough?

You can see the regular-sized dipping cups on the right. (I think I actually filled this a little higher after the picture.)

I must say, the waffle fries were quite delicious. I loved that you could SEE the pepper.


Bruxie offers several waffle-y desserts, but I’m glad now that we didn’t get one because it probably would have gotten soggy while we ate our sandwiches. The problematic thing about the Bruxie line is how long it would take to go back and get dessert, so you pretty much have to order everything at once. (Although it arrives quickly, once you order.)

We ended up ordering the Dairy Treet custard (Bruxie was a Dairy Treet before it was Bruxie). My picture came out super blurry, but it just looked like vanilla frozen yogurt. To its credit, it did not melt while we ate our sandwiches.

I gotta say, I preferred Ted Drewes. But I mean, Ted Drewes is still super-famous and Dairy Treet got taken over by Bruxie, so I can’t say I’m shocked.

(My mom was in St. Louis for a few days, and I just kept saying, “Go get some custard!” But I think I was calling it Del Mar’s… which is the name of a street there. So I’m not THAT crazy.)

Anyway… yeah. Bruxie! I would go back. There are only really two sandwiches on the menu that appeal to me (the mushroom one and the burger one), but that’s cool. And I still have to try a waffle-ssert.


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One thought on “Snack Trek: BRUXIE (Old Towne Orange)

  1. One of these days I’ll get to Bruxie, when there is no line. If that ever happens. We didn’t end up going to Ted Drewes (we thought about it, but we didn’t have time) but fate intervened and Ted Drewes came to us! Wash U orders 6000 Ted Drewes for convocation. They had some left over, and one of Nicole’s suitemates who was helping out there brought us a couple of them. Last year they were hard as concrete, but this year they had been sitting out, so they were just the right consistancy. Incredibly delicious.

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