Consider the LOBSTA TRUCK (Los Feliz Din-Din A-Go-Go)

Lobsty lobst.

Los Feliz Din-Din A-Go-Go is a really cool weekly event in my neighborhood (in the Catholic church parking lot), at which several food trucks congregate. I believe Mandoline Grill is always there, and there’s a rotating cast of other trucks.

My friend Ris and I were already planning on going a few weeks back. That morning, I checked Twitter and found out that the Lobsta Truck was going to be in attendance. I was very happy to reveal the news to Ris, who hails from the Boston area and is VERY MUCH a lobster fan.

The Yelpers warned that the lobster rolls were small, but I don’t have a huge appetite so I wasn’t worried. But you know what? The Yelpers were right. I don’t know if you can tell how small this is… but that’s definitely not a standard size hot dog bun. The lobster roll may or may not be as long as that spoon.


(I just realized I posted the same picture twice. You know what? I like it. Not taking it down. Breaks up the paragraphs nicely.)

I got the butter version, by the by. You can also get it with mayo, but I’m not a mayo fan. I liked the lobster but it was a little colder than I would have liked… other Yelpers said that, too. I don’t know, maybe it’s SUPPOSED to be cold? For $12, I kinda wanted it hot. (Ris also got the clam chowder, and said it lacked clam.) (Hehe.) (And now onto a similar-but-different line of tee-hee…)

I probably should have eaten the roll and been done with it, but I ended up going over to the Great Balls on Tires truck. I was torn between the Ballafel and the Ballywood. Luckily the decision was made for me, because they were out of Ballafels and only had one Ballywood left.

Balls. Get it?

The picture on the truck only showed one ball but I got two, and like I said I don’t have the biggest appetite. For some reason I ate both those chicken-balls anyway. I was going for the gold!

And then Ris got a Tornado Potato, and I had a bit of that. Because… I mean, look at it.

Swirly fried potato.

It’s hard to tell from that angle, but that’s all one potato, masterfully swirled.

We were sitting near some people who’d seen some show on Food Network about a potato-swirly place on the East Coast. Apparently at that place, there were special dips or something. And the most popular one is called “Shmutz.”

Me: What’s shmutz?

The People: It means dirt in Yiddish.

Me: I know, but what’s in the sauce?

The People: They wouldn’t say, but it’s the most popular one.

Therefore, I learned nothing.

Then we left the Din-Din, and went over to Gelato Bar. Because… I wasn’t already overfull.

Crazy enough, there were three flavors on tap that I hadn’t tried yet! And one of them was olive oil flavor… and I LIKED it.

Trade secret: I think you get more when you order a cone.

Olive oil tastes like the “ice cream” (soy) in Tofuttis. Which I actually like. So… cool.

If you’re in Los Feliz on Monday nights… go to the A-Go-Go! It’s fun and crowded, like a food carnival.

I probably should have just gone with my standard Mandoline banh mi, but whatever– I tried some more trucks for you! There’s always next week… or the next week…


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One thought on “Consider the LOBSTA TRUCK (Los Feliz Din-Din A-Go-Go)

  1. love the twirly potato tornado and the pirouette cookie. I think pirouette is spelled wrong, which oddly reminds me that Jordan McCarthy got that word wrong in the district spelling bee in 6th grade. my head is full of unimportant factiods like that.

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