‘Cause It’s Hot Hot Hot


When I was in 10th grade (I think), I went to a conference for liberal Jewish kids, held in Washington, DC. It was December. I’d never been to the East Coast in the snow. I met a kid from Michigan, who was originally from Alaska. Or something like that. And he said, “Yuck, I’d never want to live in California. It’s soooo hot there.”

But that’s not really true. It’s typically pretty temperate out here. Honestly, it probably gets hotter in the summer in certain parts of Michigan than it does here, if my experiences with the East Coast are any indication. (Miserable summers, miserable winters.)

But anyway, it IS really, really hot in Southern California right now. Like, 106 degrees in Los Feliz hot. (I checked the weather for Sherman Oaks and Santa Monica, just to compare. 102 and 75, respectively.) (And apparently it’s only 5 degrees hotter in Palm Springs, at 111– yikes. When you’re almost as hot as the hottest place possible around here– YIKES.)

Yesterday the heat made me a bit ill/dehydrated, so today I’m just lazing around my apartment, trying to recover. (Of course I’m going to an OUTDOOR CONCERT later, but hopefully things cool down by then.) (And of course my apartment doesn’t have central AC and tends to heat up like an oven, soo….)

The best thing to eat in this weather? The best thing in my freezer, at least? Tropical Popsicles. Or–as Sam has coined them– Tropsicles. At 15 calories each, on a day like today I can eat MANY Tropsicles, guilt free. I like to take two out at once, so the second one gets nice and slushy.

You can see the second trop "on deck."

I’m going to try to catch up on some blogging, since there’s not much else I feel like doing right now.

At least I’m not in the hurricane zone. Stay safe, everybody in Irene’s path!

Also, the title of this post makes me think of a live-action video I used to have of Samuel E. Wright (the voice of Sebastian) singing and dancing with a bunch of Little Mermaid-loving kids. I can’t find that, but here’s the song.

How do you beat the heat?


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