Snack Trek: VEGAN TIRAMISU (Cafe Gratitude)

If it's tiramisu, I'm in.

Today I met a friend for lunch at Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont. It’s vegan and the menu is a little… theme-y. Like, I have no idea how the servers memorize the names of the dishes. I just said, “I’ll have the tacos.”

I forgot to take pictures until dessert– but yeah, I had the tacos (“I Am Transformed”). (For the record– I was not transformed… other than feeling full after I ate them.) We also ordered the potato appetizer (“I Am Grounded”), as I bumped into another friend who gave the potatoes rave reviews. (I did not see any pink salt on them, but the menu says that’s the case.)

The nice thing about Cafe Gratitude is that they’re not taking tofu and trying to make it taste like meat. That can be a little dicey. (They do have a sandwich that they call a “BLT,” but apparently it’s not fake-meaty, and very good.)

The vegan tiramisu is called “I Am Adoring.” I was happy about the cake-to-“cream” ratio… I like cake!

So yeah, next time your favorite vegan wants to hang out, take them to Cafe Gratitude. They’ll be grateful to you, and you’ll be grateful it actually tastes good.


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