Sunday Tidbits

Plastic desserts on a real dessert!

It’s July. It’s hot outside! I’m totally charmed by these cupcakes with plastic ice creams and popsicles on them, seen at my local Albertson’s.

And here are some interesting finds from today’s Hollywood Farmers’ Market.

I’m not big on the Lakers, but I dedicate these “Laker baker” potatoes to Lauren. (I believe they’re named for their purple/yellow look, but I can’t tell if they’ve been partially peeled or what.)

Serve with Kobe beef.

And I bought this blood orange juice, because I thought I might enjoy a few sips while I watch tonight’s new episode of “True Blood.”

True blood... orange juice.

Okay, I have deli and seafoods in my future, so I gotta skadoot.

Enjoy your Sunday! Go swimming. (I actually swam yesterday… at night, because I’m a vampire.)


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