A Day For Donuts

The office kitchen-- no natural light, ever.

It’s a holiday-packed week. First Memorial Day on Monday, and now– National Donut Day! (Or doughnut, if that’s how you swing.)

You may recall that I’m not really a donut-eating gal, except for very special donuts/occasions. (For example, I am still hoping to trek to MA to try a bona fide apple cider donut.) I didn’t partake of the office kitchen donuts (yet…), because– I don’t know, I already had two breakfasts today. (And by that I mean I had two things when I would typically only have one… a piece of toast with butter and jam– I’m super British now– followed by an expired coffee yogurt with Wheat Germ.) (I’m also super… into eating expired foods before they’re too expired?)

But, whatever. This day isn’t about me. It’s about you, getting some free donuts. Check in at your local donut hole. (Get it?) I’m sure Dunkin’ Donuts is up to something… they don’t exist in CA, so I don’t cover that beat. (Starbucks has those mini donuts with the sparkle sugar… don’t know if they’re free today– or if they taste good– but they sure are purty.) (And Krispy Kreme used to be a big deal… what happened there?)

Find your donut-y bliss!


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