Here I Am

Food words.

Okay, now I actually live in Los Feliz. The big move happened on Thursday. Yesterday I walked to the grocery store. And walked to dinner. Living the dream. (Good thing I’m walking, because I’ve been slacking in the gym-going department.)

Thanks to a no-satellite policy, I switched from DirecTV to AT&T U-Verse. For the first time, my TV is connected to the internet. Which means… On Demand! This morning I watched some crazy Ashwarya Rai/Dylan McDermott/Padma Lakshmi (right?!) movie via HBO On Demand, followed by the episode of “Sex and the City” where Harry finally proposes (it happened to be one of the 5 on there). And then my On Demand said it wasn’t available right now, which was probably for the best. (But also annoying.)

(Yesterday I didn’t have TV or internet for the first half of the day, and I found myself READING. Crazy. Between Jhumpa Lahiri and Ashwarya Rai, it has been a very Indian weekend so far.)

Um, anyway. The picture at the top is of my new refrigerator. I’ve had those cooking themed magnetic poetry words since junior year of college. At each apartment I put up the words and wait for people to rearrange them. Usually what I get is such literary masterpieces as “Smell my saucy bacon,” or, “Pickled wiener delight cream.” (I linked it to the really big size, so if you click the picture you can see all the words… give me some suggestions for sentences!)

Last night Sam and I walked to a very nearby Chinese restaurant, called The Palace. I didn’t take pictures, but it reminded me of those awesome kitschy-yet-earnest Chinese restaurants that I used to eat at when I was a kid. Chinese decorations, maitre d’ in a tuxedo– there was even a woman in traditional dress, playing a zither (or maybe not a zither… I don’t really know a lot about Chinese instruments).

I had sizzling rice soup–I haven’t had it in forever. I always thought that the rice was sizzling hot, but it actually sizzles because it’s fried. The more you know! I think the best part was the steamed chicken dumplings. One order was at least 6 dumplings (maybe 8?), and they were triangle-shaped! Like a three-cornered hat. And something about the spicing made them SO delicious. We also had chow mein and broccoli & beef, but I think the soup and dumplings were my favorite.

And I must mention our waiter, Nick. He told us that he was new and I could tell that he was nervous, but he was so attentive and good-natured– I wished that I was a fancy lady who could surprise him with a really big tip. Like, $100. But then I realized I’d probably have to keep that up or I’d seem like I was holding out. Big tippers must just pass through towns, giving $100 tips and disappearing, never to be seen again.

If I get the dumplings as take-out in the near future, I’ll grab a picture. They’re like dumpling hamentaschen!


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