Snack Trek: ZAATAR! (Desert Rose)

Sexy veggies.

On the night that I put down the deposit on my new apartment (I’ll probably actually be living there by the end of next week), Sam and I decided to celebrate by walking around the neighborhood and eating at one of the many enticing restaurants. (Ugh, I’m going to be so poor now.)

We chose Desert Rose, because it was a lovely night and they have a great outdoor seating area. Complete with giant rose sculpture thing.

Giant rose-thing alert! (Rose-zilla?)

Those big flower arrangements on the tables were for a special party. I thought it was going to be a rehearsal dinner, but it turned out to be a graduation thing.

As soon as I’d ordered the “fire-roasted vegetables” with “bruschetta toast” (pictured above… and I would call that Melba toast), our server brought out the bread basket. Curses, foiled again!

Is that a strategy, not to bring the bread until the food has been ordered? Makes sense, you’ll order more on an empty stomach– and order appetizers if you think there’s no bread. (Or maybe the bread was still in the oven when we got there.) (From now on, I will know that bread is pending at Desert Rose.)

I want to go to there.

And it turned out to be a very delightful bread basket, as the bread was warm and covered in zaatar. I correctly identified the zaatar and our server confirmed it, noting that it’s a very popular in Lebanese cooking. (Although I didn’t initially realize it, Desert Rose is a Mediterranean restaurant… and probably specifically Lebanese.) (This made me think of Lindsey.)

It’s easy to identify zaatar because it doesn’t taste like anything else. You just have to have maybe tasted it once before, so you can go… hmm, this must be zaatar. (Which– as it turns out– is a combination of several spices, including sumac, thyme and marjoram.)

I ordered the eggplant soup, because I was intrigued by the idea of “falafel drops & lemon-tahini drizzle.” (Also– the soup was vegan.) (I’m not vegan, but I just thought it deserved to be mentioned.)

Nice drizzle.

The soup had an interesting spice to it. At first I wasn’t sure if I loved it or hated it. By the time I was done, I decided I liked it very much. But I would need to go on a few more dates with it before I could declare total love.

Meanwhile, Sam got the linguini with beef tenderloin, which involved a “tomato vegetable ragout.” Good choice.

This is making me really hungry.

I’m sure I’ll be back. Desert Rose seemed like a good place to take the family when they visit. (Especially if they foot the bill!) (I love you guys.)

When I went to the website to get the link, I saw that they have a lot of promotions for their Facebook fans (like 25% off dinner from 6pm to close on Thursday nights). So if you’re interested in zaatar and other Mediterranean delights and you tend to dine in the Los Feliz area, why not give them a thumbs up?


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2 thoughts on “Snack Trek: ZAATAR! (Desert Rose)

  1. You can take us there. We might even treat you, who knows 😉 What is that rose made out of? It looks like glass or something like that.

  2. I cannot believe I ahve not tried that place before. I have seen it a MILLION times! Now I MUST!!! I am always lurking around that part of town.

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