Cue the Pizza Montage!

Keeping it simple.

As I think I’ve established, I’m a mite bit obsessed with New York style, thin crust pizza.

So the other night I ventured with a group of friends to Two Boots in Echo Park, which has many locations in NYC and a scant few elsewhere.

Turns out “two boots” is referring to the boot shaped geography of Italy and Louisiana (several of the pizzas involve shrimp/crayfish, and there is a giant crayfish statue outside the restaurant) (previously, I thought it was just street art).

I was intrigued by the Earth Mother (veggie), but it was on a Sicilian crust and I was going for THIN CRUST, dammit. So I went with a flavor called “Mild Margarita,” which is not on the menu I’m looking at online. So… apparently I got a magical unicorn flavor. Sweet.

Two Boots didn’t have all the flavors on the online menu available for slices at the restaurant, so I think it all shakes out. They’re mostly named after celebrities/characters: The Dude, The Newman (from Seinfeld), the Tony Clifton, etc.

One thing that I found interesting/odd… the crust was made of cornmeal. Usually it’s made of flour, yes?

Two Boots was good and I’m sure I’ll be back, but I don’t know if it beats Mulberry Street. in my book. (I’ve heard they ship in their water from New York!) (New location in Sherman Oaks! Now I can get my pizza without having to go deep into the evil heart of Beverly Hills.) (Instead I will go to the Valley… I’m a cool cat, all the way.)

As long as I’m talking about pizza, here are a few I neglected to blog in the past…

NY pizza in K-Town.

I found King of New York Pizzeria on Yelp. Cole lives in that ‘hood, so we walked through Koreatown in search of a taste of New York.

The problem with buying slices is that you are at the mercy of whatever is available when you walk in. I’m not a fan of white sauce on my pizza, and unfortunately KONY had a lot of that on tap on the night I was there. But I was very happy with my slice of chicken parmigiana pizza.

And I got a fancy-dancy bottle of gingerale.


I’m moving a little farther from KONY (and Cole is moving a LOT farther), so I don’t know when I’ll be back. But I enjoyed it.

And while we’re at it, here are some pizza pictures from my trip to Philadelphia… so it’s real East Coast pizza. Made in a pizza oven and everything. Close enough. (We went to SOHO Pizza… a walk away from Independence Hall/The Liberty Bell.) (We were originally planning on going into NYC, but the blizzards crazied up our plans.)

SoHo, in Philly.

We had regular mushroom…

I'm hungry now.

And fancy mushroom…

I don't know... shitaake?

Ugh, I’m so jealous that it’s noon in NY right now and people are picking up slices at hole-in-the-walls.

So yeah– crust, sauce, toppings… there are so many variations, and so many ways that pizza can be very very delicious. (I’m going to have to hit up Mulberry again… can’t believe I’ve never blogged it.) (The things I do for you!)

Please tell me about any pizza places I ought to try, in LA and otherwise. (And in any style.)


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