Snack Trek: Green Eggs &… Sam (Seriously)

I would eat them in a boat, etc.

Yesterday my family and I (minus the St. Louis sister) went out for an early Mother’s Day brunch at the Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Feliz. I was showing them around my new neighborhood (I still have yet to actually move in… eek), and of course the first person we passed when we walked out of my building was Michael Cera.

So yeah, my family thinks my ‘hood is cool now. (Nothing says “street cred” like Michael Cera.)

Looking over the menu, my family pointed out a dish called “Green Eggs and Sam,” and at first I thought they were kidding. Upon further inspection, they were right. Mustard Seed has green eggs & ham AND green eggs & sam (salmon). The eggs are “green” because they are scrambled with a garlic basil pesto. (GOOD IDEA!)

I kinda had to order it, in honor of Sam (who was not present, but I sent him a picture).

I got egg whites. (Boring caption alert.)

My breakfast didn’t come with toast, but I ended up ordering a side of it because they had MARBLE RYE.

I love the design of the butter wrapper.

I think Mustard Seed is going to become one of my go-to places.

After brunch we walked a few doors down to the Gelato Bar. My sister (former OC sister, about to be a Westsider) (rivalry!) loves Pirouette cookies, so I knew she’s be a fan.

This size is called bambino (baby).

(That picture’s actually from the night before… living this close to deliciousness could get dangerous.)

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the others!


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