A Trek in the Making… (Papaya King)

Hot dog invasion.

For the past few weeks I’ve noticed billboards announcing the impending opening of a Papaya King hot dogs in Los Angeles. I have heard that Papaya King is considered the best of New York City, so I definitely plan on trying one.

I’ve never been to Papaya King in NYC, but I’ve been to Gray’s Papaya, as inspired by the “classic” Matthew Perry/Salma Hayek feature film, Fools Rush In. (“The white people are melting!”) I liked the hot dogs, but I thought the papaya drink tasted like… I don’t know, throw-up? (Papaya is one of the few fruits I don’t like.) But whatever, the next time I went I just didn’t order it again. Problem solved.

Anyway, it’s nice to know that there will be an alternative to Pink’s and Carney’s in LA. We’re sorta lacking in the awesome hot dogs department.

I guess as a way to drum up enthusiasm, the Papaya King people made a food truck, and it was at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market this morning. Too early for me to buy a hot dog. (Also, working out for an hour + hot dog = throw-up, probably.)

I’m looking forward to going to the Papaya King restaurant (hut? shack? stand?) when it opens and trying the hot dogs and curly fries. Not sure I even want to try the papaya drink, but whatever. (Does anybody like papaya?)

Also– and this will please a few mothers I know (Happy Mother’s Day!)– I scanned the menu, and none of the hot dogs come with ketchup. (Though I’m sure it’s available on the premises.) Still don’t know if that’s a New York-area thing, but there you go.

Have you been to Papaya King in NYC? Are you excited? Can you explain why hot dog places in NYC love to pair hot dogs and papayas?


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