Behold My Leftover-Packing Skills

Everything in its place.

Last night I went to Anarkali Indian Restaurant with roomie-Hayley. She’s the last of a long line of roommates, because as of today (my application was approved!) I am moving approximately 2 miles north, to Los Feliz. I’ll be within walking distance of tons of restaurants (some of which I’ve yet to try)– Little Dom’s, Home, Tropicalia, The Alcove, Fred 62, etc.

Speaking of (some of) those restaurants, May 15th (10 days from now… happy Cinco de Mayo!) is Taste of the Eastside, a charity event at which you can barter coupons for little tasting plates from various restaurants I love or have been meaning to try (and sorta love already because of their reputations).

Anyway– Anarkali. I didn’t take any pictures while we were there because I wasn’t in the mood (I know, what?), and didn’t feel like subjecting people to my Blackberry’s auto-flash. The decor was lovely– what I would typically describe as Moroccan– scarves draped from the ceiling, and between the booths for privacy. And the waiters were almost embarrassingly friendly and accommodating. (They opened the door for us when we left!)

I joked that Hayley and I were test-driving the place for a date. It’s a good spot for a date, LADIES. (GENTLEMEN.)

We ordered the dinner for two (romantic): veggie soup, samosas, naan, rice, one vegetable dish (we got eggplant), one meat dish (we got coconut chicken curry), chicken tandoori (kinda the Indian food equiv of fajitas, as it turned out– sizzling chicken and onions), and rice pudding for dessert. For $40, but really for… whatever it was with the LivingSocial discount.

I’m very very proud of how expertly and efficiently I packed up those leftovers (looks more like it was a dinner for three). (I got full really fast, or I might have made more of a dent.)

And the food was great. Any Indian place with a good (banging?) baingan bharta (eggplant)… I’m all about that. (You heard it first here: Elysse is all about the baingan.)

Oh– and we found out after the fact that they offer parking behind the restaurant, which is a BIG plus in the Melrose/La Brea area. (Permit-only parking areas drive me CRAZY.) (Things you don’t have to worry about in NYC.) (Or when you can walk from your apartment to restaurants in Los Feliz!) (Which doesn’t have permit-only parking, because Los Feliz is cooler than that.)


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