Do It Yourself: Quick Passover Cheesiness

Pizza. Sorta.

It’s Passover, and for me that brings to mind two foods: matzo ball soup and my mom’s brisket (which is actually an Irish recipe, I think). Unfortunately thanks to schedule clashes I’m not seder-ing it up during the holiday. Hopefully in the near future we’ll pull together a seder-style family dinner.

Last night I was going to embark upon a steak-cooking adventure, as a stand-in for the brisket. But it didn’t end up happening, because I had to make an exchange at Target, and they don’t have the most amazing selection for a novice meat-person. And also because I was too hungry to cook by the time I got home.

Hardcore Passover observers don’t eat rice (unless they’re Sephardic) or beans or… even ketchup. (Which is confusing for me, as ketchup is squarely a part of my spiritual beliefs.) I’m just trying to steer clear of bread (and pasta, I guess), and feeling vaguely guilty about the rest.

Tonight I decided to cook up some dinner with some of the things I’m still allowed to eat (I think): matzo, pasta sauce (canned), mozzarella cheese, and steamed broccoli/cauliflower. I made a matzo pizza, and with the veggies, sauce and cheese I made kind of a variation on my usual pasta/cauliflower/meatballs dish. (I could have used meat, but I didn’t really think of it.) (Also I guess technically wheat germ is out this week? So many rules.)

Not super healthy, but...

I was going to put the veggies under the broiler to make the cheese a little crunchy (maybe?), but I didn’t want to put them on foil because it seemed messy. And also due to some trying-to-make-weird-old-frozen-patties hijinx last night, the toaster oven was SMOKING while I made the pizza. So I figured I wouldn’t push it, and stuck to the microwave.

Speaking of Jewish things, I just watched the preview for next week’s “Pregnant in Heels” (loving this show/Rosie Pope) and this woman was crying and freaking out because she’s Catholic and her husband’s Jewish and the baby HAD to be Catholic. She was SOBBING at the idea of the kid wanting to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Um, excuse me… if you have such a problem with Jews, why did you MARRY one?

Okay, rant over. Reality TV crazies! Gargh!!! (Ripping hair out.)

Meanwhile, I’m living vicariously through Mr. Tea’s bread consumption. (Today he ordered lunch from a place that is ACTUALLY called All About the Bread.) (Rubbing it in much, Mr. Tea?)

What are your Passover guidelines? Do you stick to no bread, or do you go hardcore?

(And happy impending Easter. Sorry I didn’t think of any good cheeses/Jesus puns.) (Actually… probably for the best.)


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