The Soy Vay presides over the stove.

Another Monday night, another dinner of chicken-in-a-marinade. This week I went really simple and used a time-tested family favorite: Soy Vay marinade. At some point during my childhood– maybe early high school– my mom started using Soy Vay. I suspect it was because she likes punny things. I bought the original Hoisin Garlic flavor, but I think my mom uses the Veri Veri Teriyaki? They’re all good.

This week I noticed that Foster Farms sells a thin-cut chicken breast, which still isn’t a cutlet but whatever. I marinated the breasts for almost an hour (you’re supposed to marinate them for as long as possible, even overnight… but I was hungry), then cooked them in the pan (I used about a teaspoon of olive oil, because that worked last week). (While the chicken was marinating, I made Near East rice pilaf.)

The Soy Vay bottle has instructions for different ways to cook the chicken, but I chose to do the pan again because I’m still not sure about my oven. And pan-cooking is fast! After I turned the chicken, I poured a little more marinade from the bottle onto each breast. (Sexy.) I also cooked the chicken for less time than I did last week, and cut the breasts in half while they were in the pan to make sure they looked okay before I took them out.

Colorful and delicious.

You can’t really tell, but that blue plate is NOT the polar bear. It’s a hibiscus! New from Target. Summery… yet still blue.

After embracing the amazingness of lemon last week (via my Snack Trek to Lemonade and my use of lemon on the yogurt-marinated chicken), I bought a few more lemons at the store last night. Right before I ate, I squeezed lemon over everything– rice, chicken, salad. It’s the magical fruit.

I think I might be ADDICTED to lemons, because I was back at Lemonade on Sunday for more of their blueberry mint lemonade. Yes, I drove probably an hour round trip to the WeHo/Beverly Hills area to buy a $4 lemonade. And then I saved half in the fridge and drank it while I was cooking last night. Obsessed.

The best thing about Monday night chicken-making is that I have several meals worth of chicken, and I can easily make more rice/cous cous if I run out. (I tend to gorge on Near East products… nom nom nom.)

Big Tupperware full o' leftovers. Hooray!

If you’re a lover-of-leftovers like me, cooking for one is pretty awesome.

And I tend to splurge on weird little Gladware containers. I picked up some entree-holders last night, so I have this nice little lunch in my near future:

I didn't forget the lemon!

A nice little approximation of last night’s dinner. (And also… tonight’s dinner.) (It takes a special, boring type of person to love leftovers.) (I will probably keep eating my leftovers as arroz– o cous cous– con pollo, but if I were feeling super creative I could make chicken salads, chicken sandwiches, etc.)

In case you’re wondering– those are baby carrots, not Cheetos. And yes, that is a tiny, tiny half can of Canada Dry.

What other marinades should I try/make? Albertson’s has a huge, intimidating selection of marinades. I need direction.


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