Snack Trek: CONVEYOR BELT SUSHI (Fat Fish)

It wasn't moving THAT fast, but my camera couldn't handle it.

Early this week I wanted to cook some sort of magnificent salmon dish and invited Sam to come be my taster, but on the appointed salmon-cooking day I  got over myself and asked him if we could just go to Koreatown for cheap sushi (including uncooked salmon) at Fat Fish.

Reader, he said yes.

I’m a little bit scared that Crystal will come over and beat me with a bedazzled handbag for spilling about her most favorite place, but hopefully she’ll take pity on me. And hey, it’s all over Yelp.

Fat Fish is the only “conveyor belt sushi” place I’ve ever been to (as far as I can recall…), and there’s such an element of futuristic fun to it. When my youngest sister was a toddler she was a little bit obsessed with conveyor belts (at grocery stores, airports, and this vitamin plant where we took a tour) (yeah…), and now I GET IT. They’re cool. Everything goes away… and comes back again. And again.

The amazing thing about Fat Fish is that during “Happy Hour,” every plate is $2. From what I’ve gathered, it’s Happy Hour at Fat Fish from 11:30am-3pm (maybe 5pm?) and anytime after 7pm. Strangely, the only hours that AREN’T Happy Hour are the hours that would typically be Happy Hour at other establishments. Go figure. (Go fish?)

Choices, choices...

The chart at my seat explained that the plates were color-coded by price. That doesn’t matter during Happy Hour, but it’s still interesting to see what the most expensive items WOULD have been.

Last time I went (with Cole and Crystal), we got there on the later side (8:30pm-ish) and sat in a boondocks-y area of the belt. This time, Sam and I got there right around 7pm, and sat right near the area where the sushi chefs are throwing new plates into the mix. We sat for a while, and periodically they’d start making new types of sushi. So you must be patient and not eat too quickly, or you might be full by the time the rainbow rolls (or whatever you prefer) start cropping up.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to have plate-grabber’s remorse, so I typically watch for at least one full rotation before I select anything.

Anything atop crispy rice is usually a safe bet.

I am going to eat you.

Salmon and avocado? Yes, please! But I’m not so much for the mayo-y sauces. That’s my one gripe. A little too much sauce going on (on many of the rolls). (It’s fine on the side.) (Another gripe is usually air-grease, but it was under control last night.) (Plus I have to do laundry in the near future.)

I’m a big fan of edamame, so I’ll grab that to snack on while I watch the parade. (Oh– and you get FREE miso soup.) (It just occurred to me that we didn’t drink any tea!)

Halfway done.

It turns out that Sam is really good at identifying dead fish parts (hidden talents!). He pointed out octopus, squid, and even sea urchin (which is special order and is always $8). It was like being at an edible aquarium. (Haha sorry.)

We also sat next to a real businessman, and that made the whole thing feel authentic somehow. I wondered if he was a bachelor, or if it was just an after-work snack, or if his wife was working late or WHAT. I’m so curious about people. (STALKER.)

It’s nice to be able to grab a plate just to try it, and know that even if you don’t like it, it’s only $2 lost. Or to grab something you usually wouldn’t order because the group can’t come to a consensus about it. (For once, Sam got to have eel.) (I prefer to order by committee and share everything– I try to seek out food-compatible companions.)

A weird quirk of mine is that I tend to like to follow dessert with something savory (I typically end with one last bowl of soup at Souplantation). So I grabbed this little fruit dessert plate while I contemplated my final sushi of the night.

Yep, that's a square marshmallow.

I’m pretty sure the bananas were caramelized, and I like to imagine that it was done with a little creme brulee torch.

Around that time, the rainbow rolls began to rotate. I’m a sucker for a rainbow roll. AND I like that they weren’t doused in sauce. On further inspection, the sauce on the side was quite pretty.

The last temptation of Elysse.

Sam and I each got 8 plates. Each plate had 2-3 pieces of sushi on it. (Except one of mine, which was edamame.) So for each of us that was 16-24 pieces of sushi, for just about $20. For such a variety of sushi, that’s an awesome deal.

And I didn’t have to wash any dishes!


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