Snack Trek: FRANCOLI GOURMET (The Orange Circle)

I'm a sucker for tiramisu.

Over the weekend I was home for eye reasons (I’m halfway healed!), and I accompanied my family to lunch at Francoli Gourmet in the Orange Circle (aka Old Towne Orange).

Francoli’s serves food in the Northern Italian style, and it felt very authentic because the people next to us (the owners?) were speaking Italian with the waiters. It was also cool because we sat at a big window that looked out onto the Circle, so the people-watching was prime.

Oh, and apparently they shot some of the ABC pilot “Hallelujah” there. (The site says that the restaurant was closed from March 22-24 “due to filming by ABC Channel 7.”) So… Terry O’Quinn was probably there. (And from the description, I have no idea what that show is going to be about… but it sounds weird.)

I ordered a panini, which was probably my least favorite part of the meal. (It was okay, but I liked the bread, bruschetta, salad & desserts better.) (There are a lot of really good paninis out there. I’m a tough crowd, panini-wise.)

I ate half. Gotta save room for tiramisu.

The presentation of the desserts was very appealing…

Chocolate fondant cake-- but not the fondant you're thinking of.

After lunch, we walked over to Dragonfly Shops & Gardens. I was completely enamored of the flowers that were growing in front of the shop. Which– as it turned out– were sweet peas! (I thought they were edible, but apparently not?)


I overheard the woman say that she planted these in November. The MINUTE I have a garden in a November, I am planting pink and purple knee-high sweet peas.

For now, I’m just obsessed with the picture. (And I have my pink hydrangea plant, and a vase filled with eerily moving-around-a-lot red tulips.)


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