Snack Trek: CARMELA ICE CREAM (Hollywood Farmers’ Market)

Is this heaven?

This is going to be a short one– I don’t even have pictures. But I just want to let you know about this place.

One booth I love to visit at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market is Carmela Ice Cream. The few samples I’ve tried (and they so cheerfully dispense them!) have been… I want to say “melt in your mouth” good, but it’s ice cream so duh. You can just tell it’s super high quality stuff.

The flavors are all artisan-hip. Today they had Guinness flavor, but none was available for sampling. (Thursday & Friday’s hot weather had attacked the sample supply.) Co-founder Zachary– who was manning the booth, and is a fellow USC alum– said that his friends like to make floats with it. (I think beer floats.)

As far as I recall, I’ve tried the salted caramel and the strawberry buttermilk. In the coming weeks, I have my eye on the brown sugar vanilla bean, the mint cacao nib and the lavender honey. (I sampled lavender honey GOAT CHEESE today. It was quite delightful.)

Someday soon I will actually buy some of Carmela’s ice cream at the market, so I can stop feeling guilty about taking samples. But I need to be having some sort of gathering or party that day, or I will eat it all. (Ice cream is such a dangerous thing to have around the house.) (And I typically wander the market directly after a stomach-roiling workout– perhaps a bit too soon to down an ice cream sandwich.)

If you can’t make it out to the market, they have an “artisan creamery” in Pasadena and sell their wares in several gourmet markets in LA and the Valley.

Anyway– just a little something I discovered at the market. I HIGHLY recommend that you head over to your local farmers’ market. They’ve got beautiful flowers, locally grown produce, etc etc. And generally very reasonable prices. (Not to mention FREE SAMPLES.) It’s a good chance to support your local peeps.

Or your intergalactic Peeps?

(Apparently Peeps dioramas are a thing now?)

Happy Sunday!


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One thought on “Snack Trek: CARMELA ICE CREAM (Hollywood Farmers’ Market)

  1. Yesterday Van, Ellie and I took a tour of the Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA. For dessert we had an ice cream made with cayenne pepper, chocolate covered espresso beans and wort which is a product you get from brewed beer. It was delicious. I love salted caramel anything…..and anything made or having to do with Peeps! There is a whole website devoted to the “science” of Peeps.

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