[Cooking Blogs] of the Afternoon: Inspiring Me (And You, I Hope!)

A tantalizing tidbit from Someone Who Bakes.

Yes, this is a blog about food (mostly), but I typically don’t feature cooking/recipes, because I don’t generally DO a lot of cooking. But I have a few friends who appear to be most excellent cooks (chefs?), and today I wanted to share a few of their blogs with you.

In chronological order (AKA how long I’ve known them)…

eat GOOD, drink GOOD – This blog is maintained by Joanne and Angela (teamwork!), from Northern and Southern California, respectively. (A real Southern Californian never says “SoCal,” nor “The OC,” nor “Cali.”) (BARF!) (Am I right, girls?) (I don’t know about “NorCal”… I say that, but I’m not from there.) (They say “hella” up there. Weird.) (Hella weird.)

I think I met Joanne first (elementary school) and Angela second (middle school) in– ahem–Orange County. Angela lives somewhere right near me but I’ve never actually seen her in LA. (Eventually we will go to Scoops together…) Joanne lives in Berkeley and when I was up there she took us to Ici, so we’ve got the ice cream part covered.

(I took a giant Snack Trek to Berkeley before this site existed.) (Literally, I told my friend Betty, “I’m coming to visit you and all I want to do is eat delicious cheap food.)

Someone Who Bakes – That someone is Alice, whom I’ve known since high school. We were in band together. I played flute and piccolo, and she played clarinet (MUCH BETTER than I played the flute, I might add). (I can admit now that I was often fake-playing. Alice was not, because she had solos.)

I recommend going to the Someone archive and looking at every recipe that appeals to you. It’s a feast for your eyes. (And, if you’re me, sending those recipes to Lauren, Cole, Sam, and anybody else who is on the chats.) The pictures are amazing. And there are SO MANY cakes. First of all, you have to check out the Cake Class pictures (from her decorating class). (My favorite, visually, is what I’ve dubbed the Under the Sea cake.)

Under the sea!

(That’s not the cake. The link’s the cake. I just figured I ought to spice up the visuals.)

Seriously, some of the cakes on her site were previously unknown to me. Pink lady cake?! And I really want to try champagne cake. Ooh la la.

The savories look amazing, too. I want to make this frittata. And don’t even get me started about The Sandwich! Go look around. I don’t mind. Come back here later.

Okay, are you back? Ten hours later?

The next two blogs are by two people I just recently met, through work. I actually met Lindsey via phone/chats first, but I met Sara H (not the Sara I’ve previously talked about) in PERSON first. But I’ll put Lindsey first, because this is the digital age.

Bite Me – She’s cheeky, isn’t she?

Lindsey hails from Florida, and accordingly her blog has a recipe for a Cuban sandwich. She’s also of Lebanese descent– check out this mezza. (I am always intrigued by anything with zaatar, a spice I first tasted while I was hiking in Israel.) I love the way Lindsey stirs stories about her life into her posts about food.

As my zaatar gently weeps.

ALSO congrats to Lindsey on her recent engagement. I suggest that she head on over to Lauren’s blog, Lauren Elise Crafted. (It’s a small world of blogs!)

Last (for now) but not least–

lovely clear and sweet. – By Sara H, a lovely resident of Burbank and birthday girl (TODAY)!

First of all, I’m jealous of her hamantaschen. I totally missed the boat on Purim treats this year.

I love Sara’s step-by-step picture instructions. Seriously, I know I could recreate one of her recipes and probably not screw it up because I would KNOW if I screwed it up by sight. (Check out these rolls!) And the herb-encrusted tilapia has me very intrigued about the Trader Joe’s cookbook.

At first I looked at these blogs thinking, DAMN! I wish I lived with these people. I would eat well. But slowly I’ve started to think, hm, hey, if they can do it… and if they’re showing me HOW to do it… hey, maybe I can cook, too.

I’ve always made excuses about my apartment kitchen, my lack of proper tools, etc… but hey, there’s no time like the present! No more excuses! (This is exactly like deciding to work out, but also kinda the opposite.)

I started small last night, with something I heard about on NPR. (That link’s kind of a hint.) And it was just me– no Mr. Tea. I did this one myself!

But that’s for another post. For now, I hope these ladies inspire you to dip your toe into the water, too.


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3 thoughts on “[Cooking Blogs] of the Afternoon: Inspiring Me (And You, I Hope!)

  1. Thanks, lady, for the plug for my blog and for the nice things you said!!! Also, thanks for alerting me to these other fabulous blogs.

    My recipes are not hard and you can totally do it. Hooray!

    See you tomorrow :o)

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