Snack of the [Morning]: CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST (Swingers Diner)


I met up with a friend at Swingers this morning. I’m definitely an omelet/eggs/toast girl, but when I found out that the French toast is CHALLAH French toast, I decided to try it. Saturday morning is Shabbat, after all.

Sometimes you just have to go for it.

Of course, later I felt vaguely ill. (I thought I was only going to get one piece… but when I got two, I ate both.)

But at the time, I was totally up for splitting this peanut butter & chocolate cupcake for dessert. (As if the French toast wasn’t dessert-y enough.)

You're my favorite mistake.

There were actual peanuts in the cake, which looked kinda squat & cornbread-like. But was good. And I like the chocolate frosting. It was grainy in a way that appealed to me. (Of course, I ate it very sparingly. That’s a ridiculous excess of frosting.)

So next time I’ll pass on the French toast (but glad I tried it/indulged) and maybe try a s’more cupcake. (And– if I can break myself away from breakfast foods, which I love at diners– order something with quinoa.)

Happy almost-Havdalah, Jews! (Wish I had a guitarist, a braided candle, wine, and some spices in a funny container.)

[EDIT: My parents are on it! Hilarious.]


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