Snack of the [Weekend]: May the (Pancake) Force Be With You

Looks easy enough...

First of all, can I just say– this has been a kinda shitty weekend. For the past… over a week, my contacts have not been cooperating with my eyes. I went to an ophthalmologist in LA, and he said it was seasonal allergies (which I’ve never had before…). I wasn’t appeased, so yesterday I came home and went to my lifelong optometrist, and he flipped my eyelids inside out (fun…) and found them to be all GPC-d up. As in, giant papillary conjunctivitis. Caused by… my contact lenses. Hooray!

SO I am using steroid eyedrops, which cost A HUNDRED DOLLARS for 5 mL. (Like, a teaspoon. Maybe less.) And I can’t wear my contacts for MAYBE months. Probably weeks. (I generally wear my contacts ALL THE TIME.) (Which… caused this, I guess.)

PROBLEM: My current mega-prescription glasses are not up-to-date, so I’m seeing at something like 20/200. And my right eye has RANDOMLY jumped from -9.5 to -12. (My left eye did that a few years ago, but went back to normal pretty fast.) (Only it jumped from -10 to -7… like, miracle-better. For two minutes.)

I’m feeling like one of those people on “Mystery Diagnosis” right now. Waiting for new glasses, but hoping my right eye will go back to freaking normal pretty soon. (And getting some blood tests done in the meantime.) (And… stuck at home until I get some glasses that allow me to see well enough to DRIVE.)

But aaaaaanyway… pancakes.

There are three truths about Mr. Tea that hold themselves to be self-evident. One: He drinks a lot of tea. Two: He likes to make pancakes from scratch, with real buttermilk. Three: Star Wars is his favorite movie.

When I saw Star Wars pancake molds at Williams Sonoma, I said to myself, “I must buy these and make up some reason to give Mr. Tea a present.”

I’m not exactly Star Wars illiterate, but I was so young when I saw the original films on TV (I have not seen all of the new ones, but… I don’t think that’s a mark against me) that they all kinda blend together in my head. (I’m guessing I saw them in random bits and spurts, because my dad probably watched them many times on TV as I was growing up.) I have to ask, “Which one has the Ewoks?” “Which one has the golden bikini?” And I have no idea what the chronology is. (Spaceballs on the other hand– I’m fluent.)

As usual, Mr. Tea did most of the cooking and I did most of the documenting.

Vader in progress…

Gasp. My mask is filling with batter!

Warning: You WILL want to hum the Imperial March while making these.

The pancake molds’ eye holes were a bit strange. Yoda’s filled with batter when we flipped him, but were still visible/creepy.

See you I do.

Has he ever looked more like an alien?

The Stormtrooper got stuck in his mold, and seemed very upset about it. Look at his sad mouth! (Actually his respirator?)

Why have you foresaken me?!

I thought the Stormtrooper looked like a depressed Grimace (the McDonald’s character).

Very appropriate find, Google Images!

Speaking of things that are purple, eventually we gave up on the molds (so much cleaning) and made some good ol’ fashioned blueberry pancakes.

Flippin' the flapjacks.

My friend who owns the Star Wars molds told me that they get easier the more you make them. So eventually they might actually look like they do on the package?

Practice makes perfect?

But Mr. Tea suspects– and I tend to agree– that that picture is a LIE. He’s not even sure those are pancakes, in the picture. And food styling is a notoriously lie-filled endeavor.

But… who cares? It’s still fun to have the OPTION of making some novelty Star Wars character pancakes, with/for all the nerds in your life. (Williams Sonoma has a whole line of Star Wars stuff.)

If you have a good attitude and a sense of whimsy, you’ll enjoy making these (and watching them come out somewhat strange/hilarious-looking), whether or not they turn out exactly as pictured on the packaging and/or fully edible. It’s weekend fun. Which I hope you’re having right about now. (I’m about to drown my sorrows in some Dreyer’s Mint Cookie Crunch.)

See you later! (But maybe not WELL.) (Enjoy the rain and wind, Southern California.)


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