(Sorta) Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I love the ruffly frosting.

I’m not trying to front or anything. I don’t really celebrate/care about St. Patrick’s Day. But today I was gifted with a green, obviously-for-the-holiday cupcake. So I figured I should post it in a timely fashion.

Every St. Patrick’s Day I TRY to remember to wear green (because where I grew up, pinching was a REAL DANGER). Like, this morning at the gym (where I watch the news… two birds, one elliptical) I heard them say it was St. Patrick’s Day, and I saw the LEPRECHAUN on the weather forecast, and that Al Roker only gave the weather for places like Shamrock, Ohio (or wherever it was). And I thought, “I have to remember to wear green.”

CUT TO: I’m driving to work, wearing a gray shirt and a blue hoodie, when somebody on the radio mentions St. Patrick’s Day. And I start yelling at myself (literally), because how dumb am I? That’s two years running that I have forgotten to wear green (but randomly DID wear green underwear… both years).

As I drove toward my building at work, the first thing that I saw was a man wearing GREEN JEANS. (HA.) I said to myself, “Oh no, pinching time FOR SURE.” But so far, so good. That guy was the anomaly. (As people in green jeans usually are.)

Anyway, this cupcake is from Studio Cafe Magazzino, makers of the most amazing vegan veggie puree soups (I’m sure I’ll blog their real food later). So of course the cupcake was delicious, the frosting so sugary and perfect that I actually ate it all.

I love the ruffly-ness of the way it was frosted. Sam posits that they were trying to make a St. Patrick’s Day-appropriate cabbage. You decide.

So yeah, by the luck of the Irish I got a little cupcake treat.

Must be the green underwear.


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