Sunday Cake Love

The 90s called. They want their spangles back.

I had a delightful and Binge-worthy weekend, including pancakes from the Dark Side (you’ll see), FINALLY trying spaghetti squash (a long-time goal), and baking soft pretzels (well… helping my sister/dad bake them).

While the pretzel dough rose, my sister (Dana) baked a red velvet cake. You know, just because. (It was from a mix.)

She decorated it in this crazy 90s Lisa Frank style. With love, obviously. Belated Valentine or something.

Good thing I snapped this picture when I did, because (as she does) Dana didn’t wait for the cake to cool before she frosted it. Within a few minutes the (kinda cracked-looking to begin with) heart totally melted. (That’s not a metaphor.) (IS it?!) (And is a melting heart sweet or depressing?) (This one was definitely sweet, in the literal sense.) (And gross-looking.)

So… if I stay good, look forward to posts about all that stuff from the first paragraph. In the pipeline!



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