Snack of the Afternoon, 3/7/11: PRETZEL ROLLS from The Bread Man/Hollywood Farmers’ Market

You're a star.

I sorta got off my weightlifting/Farmers’ Marketing routine for a month or so, because I went on several cool little weekend trips, got sick, etc. But now I’m back in the groove, and my new resolution is to buy one thing from the market each week. Because it’s more fun if you’re in it to buy.

A few weeks ago I finally acquired a vase (from Target) (for my Valentine’s flowers… AWWW), so it’s a no-brainer to keep buying flowers for the vase. I feel like such an adult/cool person with an interesting life (fake it ’til you make it?), walking around with a bunch of flowers tied up in newspaper.

Last week I bought two bunches of mums (one yellow, one white) for five dollars. (I also bought a box of Samoas, which are still called Samoas in Los Angeles– WHEW.) A week later, I took this picture.

Still kicking!

It’s obviously too soon to replace them, but this week at the same stand I scoped out some lovely purple daisies. I’m not saying that I’m EXCITED for the mums to die. That would be mean. But I am excited for purple daisies. Probably next weekend. (Sorry mums!)

I’ve been changing the water every few days, and sprinkling some sugar into the water for nutrients. (Note: Flower water smells HORRIBLE. Like… nasty cheese or something. But the flowers are so pretty. It’s worth it.) (Having flowers has made me so responsible. Like, I have to do the dishes so that I’ll have room in the sink to refill the vase.) (Maybe in a few years I’ll be ready for a goldfish.)

This week I decided to finally buy the pretzel rolls I’ve been coveting (you know I’m all about the soft pretzels… though I STILL haven’t blogged the ones in Philly– whoops), from The Bread Man’s booth. A bag of rolls was $4.50.

Happy faces.

They were slightly oily to the touch, but in a bakery way. I zapped mine in the microwave so it would be warm. My one sadness is that there didn’t seem to be any salt baked into the rolls. I like my pretzels with a little salt.

But… now I’ve tried them! Now I don’t have to wonder/covet/stalk anymore! And next week I’ll buy something else (or two).

And I’ll try to write more! I have such a backlog of photos.


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