I Say Pancake, You Say…

I have never used "ho cakes" in a food context.

Happy New Week!

Certain foods have regional names. I call pancakes… pancakes. In my book, “ho cakes” is a nickname for a certain type of girl. Or a term of affection. (Depending on whether you’re an actual ho.) I actually thought that the label pictured above was some kind of inside joke. Apparently not.

Learning so much today.

This past weekend in Palm Springs, I encountered another name for pancakes… but I don’t think these will taste anything like the ho cakes… or your typical flap jacks. (PS– I can’t wait to see what kind of searches this blog will pull in, now that “ho cakes” is on here.)

Flap jacks!

A few more pretty pictures of unconventional cacti/succulents are on the way. They were one of the highlights of this past weekend– Lauren and I went to Palm Springs. A small trek-ish post to follow… if all goes as planned.

What are some other names for pancakes? What do you say in your town/family?


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