Monday Sushi Factoid

Katsu-Ya goodness, from a recent Sunday outing.

I learn something new every day, without even trying. The facts just fly at me. So many things to know! (Listening to NPR is really bridging the gap. For example, now I know that there is a dating website for women who want to date Sea Captains.) (Thanks, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!)

(I will not be particularly surprised if Sea Captain Date turns out to be a hoax. But… crazier things have been NOT fake, you know?)

This past weekend, friend-Daniel told me a fact about sushi: Don’t eat sushi on Mondays.

Why? I asked. Why Mondays?

Because the fish markets are closed on Mondays. So the fish in your sushi definitely won’t be fresh. (I tried to research this on Google, and it might be that the markets are closed Sundays? Either way, they can’t get fresh fish for Monday.)

Blame it on the sea captains. They need a day off to check their Sea Captain Date inboxes. (Sea captains need love, too!)

Either way, I’m probably eating a frozen dinner tonight. (Full disclosure: I kinda love frozen dinners.) (Further disclosure: I’ve probably eaten sushi on a Monday night before, and I’ll likely do it again.) (Whatever. I’ve eaten grocery store sushi.) (Even with krab. What was I thinking?!) (Krab is basically a rubber/plastic hybrid.)

Monday & Tuesday nights are the doldrums of the week. No weekend in sight. (Haha, I used a sea metaphor without evening meaning to. I’ve got the sea on my mind and my mind on the sea… captains.)

Happy impending February!


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