Snack Trek: Lark Cake Shop

Hark, a Lark!

I heard about Lark Cake Shop via LivingSocial. They were offering $25 worth of baked goods for $10. I’d never heard of Lark, but noticed that it’s pretty close to my place. My cupcake-dar began to ping. (Obviously my cupcake-dar could be better, since it took the LivingSocial email to trigger it.)

I browsed Lark’s website and fell in love with the old fashioned ice box cake (look at the bird!), and was totally sold when I found out that I could purchase an old fashioned ice box CUPcake.

What IS old fashioned ice box cake? This is how it’s described on the site: “Thin chocolate wafers or molasses ginger cookies layered with whipped cream, like a 7 layer mini cake.”

Yes, please.

But I didn’t need a $25 LivingSocial to buy a $3 cupcake, so I ditched the internets and took my parents to Lark because they happened to be around that day– and of course they are cupcake fans. I might have to disown them if they weren’t.

(Full disclosure: Earlier that day, I’d already had a bite of a red velvet cupcake at Toast.) (Which is Magnolia and Joan’s adjacent.) (Cupcake-dar ping ping PING!) (Full disclosure: I was so intrigued that I hightailed it to Lark the SAME DAY I got the LivingSocial email.) (Last Sunday… I’m behind in things.)

SADLY Lark did not have any ice box cupcakes that day. Trek fail! But we tried a red velvet cupcake, a carrot cake cupcake, and a Sara’s famous chocolate mousse cupcake.

And I thought the vanilla ones were pretty. Purple!

Don't call these cupcakes plain.

Here’s a cross-section of the red velvet. After some disappointing brushes with red velvet, I was glad to encounter a good one. This was comparable to Sprinkles, and much closer than Beverly Hills (Eastsiders, holla!).

Points for the edible petal.

Anatomy of a cupcake.

I like a good fluffy mousse, but the “famous” chocolate mousse on top of the mousse cupcake was a bit too hard… maybe from being refrigerated?

Mousse on the loose.

But the mousse cupcake redeemed itself, because the cake itself was really good. And there was a CREAM FILLING. Like a Hostess cupcake. I don’t know, I’m a sucker for surprise cream fillings. And it was a light, fluffy, whipped cream situation.


So that was Lark. But I will be BACK for the ice box cupcake. Because I am so intrigued. And I will probably get the vanilla one, too– because it is so pretty.

And next time I’ll call ahead and make sure they actually HAVE ice box cupcakes available.

Happy Sunday night. Is everybody PSYCHED to go back to work tomorrow? No?? What?!


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