What’s Black & White and Delicious All Over?

Treats of the East.

Happy Friday. Long time no see. Happy long weekend, to those of you who are getting one. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Despite its potentially misleading title, this post has nothing to do with MLK– unless you want to get deep and talk about how black & white come together on a cookie, and it tastes like a dream.

In these LA-ish parts, Starbucks sells packaged Madeleine cookies and sometimes chocolate-covered graham crackers. But in Philadelphia, I noticed/grabbed a picture of their Black & White mini cookies. Some places have all the luck! I’ve never even seen a B&W cookie in legit machine-wrapped packaging in a non-deli environment.

I didn’t buy any (partly because I was stuffed/wasn’t carrying my wallet), so I can’t vouch for the flavor. They were thinner than your typical B&W cookie, which is almost a small cake. Potential inauthenticity aside, I was tickled. East Coast things!

I’m also a sucker for miniature foods.

I kept looking back at that picture of the cookies and thinking, “The East Coast has all the luck!” (And cookies.)

Imagine my delight the other day at LA’s very own Canter’s Deli, when I discovered mini B&W cookies at the dessert counter. (At first I couldn’t even spot the B&W cookies, because they are so much thicker/larger than a regular cookie.) (I know, I know: That’s what she said.)

Mamas & babies.

I was tempted to buy a baby cookie, because it’s closer to the size of a regular cookie. I could eat one and respect myself in the morning. Well… respect myself relatively more than I would if I’d eaten a giant cookie the size of my (big) face.

My moment of opportunity passed. I didn’t buy one. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, sometimes. (Forgive me.)

But now I know where to find them.

So… the East Coast doesn’t totally trump us on the mini B&W cookie front. But they trump us on the B&W cookies-at-Starbucks front. But I like the novelty of certain things only being available regionally, based on what’s popular in that area.

We need some regional thing at our Starbucks that East Coasters can marvel over when they visit. I guess I wouldn’t recognize it, because I’d just find it to be normal. Like… ho hum, vegan seaweed cookies. Just normal stuff. (Just kidding. We don’t have those… yet.) Maybe it’s the graham crackers? They’re fairly health-esque. Sorta.

Anyway. It’s Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Eat a cookie, mini or otherwise.

I’m going to eat some seaweed now. (Well… some sushi.)


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