Have a bite of coffee.

My mom and I were at Cost Plus World Market a few weeks ago, and she bought these coffee candies out of curiosity. (Side note: Don’t let the kinda generic name fool you– Cost Plus is the BEST! If there is one in your neighborhood, you MUST go… they have everything amazing from everywhere, including IMPORTED chocolates from CANADA and ENGLAND.) (And really pretty scarves, and alcohol, and cool wrapping paper… EVERYTHING.)

Our house is always overflowing with my mom’s favorite coffee candies, which I find to be WAY too strong. Like, whoa. Like, I need to spit this out IMMEDIATELY. So of course she tried the Sukokas and deemed them not strong enough. I, on the other hand, find them to be delightfully mild– like a nice latte. (I like them A LATTE? Hahahapuns.) I’m not a coffee drinker or a caffeine person, but I’m one of those weirdies who drinks decaf because I like the flavor of coffee. (Well… certain coffees, I guess.)

These candies are also nice because they start out firm and become chewy after a few moments. So they turn from hard candy to chewy candy… magic. (I start gnawing on them immediately… I’m impatient.) I brought them on my trip to eat on the plane when I got sick of gum (ear popping blargh), and I’m still carrying them around in my purse. They make a nice little treat throughout the day.

I also like to offer them around to people. “Indonesian coffee milk candy, anybody?” I feel like a worldly worldly person, even though I have no idea whether these are actually a popular thing in Indonesia, where they are made. (They PROBABLY are, or why would Cost Plus bother to import them?)

Anyway. I like these. My mom likes the other ones. YOU be the judge.


One thought on “Suck on This: SUKOKA SOFT COFFEE CANDY

  1. Wow! Amazon sells my candy for so much cheaper than the actual company (won’t mention their name here). My candies are ever SO much better than your wimpy-milky-latte coffee candies. As Nicole would say, just sayin’…

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