Snack of the [Morning]: PRETZEL BAGEL!!! (Einstein Bros.)

HOW have I not heard of this before?

You guys, I know. I have not even blogged the Philly soft pretzels yet. But it’s easier at work to do quick blurby posts, and I’m very excited to share this morning’s find with you: PRETZEL BAGEL! Bagel made of pretzel!

Lately I seem to discover a new food every day. There’s so much out there in the food-iverse! It’s expanding at the speed of… flavors? Food trucks? (They probably can’t drive over 50 mph… and LA streets are treacherous with potholes, post-rain.)

Apparently our local Noah’s has become an Einstein Bros. (they’re the same thing– I figured this out when my sister in St. Louis sent me a picture of the exact same Noah’s pumpkin shmear, with the Einstein logo), and therefore no longer has sourdough bagels… but HAS pretzel bagels? (Maybe Noah’s had them before, but we never had them at the office… so I ASSUME this is new, because who would NOT buy a pretzel bagel if it was available?)

Hi, guys!

RIP sourdough, but pretzel is very exciting! (And… not listed on their website? Spooky.) Especially because I have been on a bit of a pretzel-quest lately.

Spoiler alert about the Philly pretzels– I never got a fresh-baked one, so they were all a little cold. Because I’m at the office, I was able to zap my pretzel bagel (batzel? pragel?) in the microwave for ten seconds, and that made ALL the difference. Warm pretzels for the win! (I need to invent a portable, hand-held microwave for my next Philly trip.) (Or just show up at the pretzel-ry when the pretzels are coming out of the oven.)

I ate it plain, because cream cheese seemed unnecessary. And I’m not a mustard-on-pretzels person. The pretzel is enough! (And I always try to scrape off most of the salt… my sodium intake is already frightening, I’m sure.) (Microwave soup for lunch most days.)

Happy Friday! Happy pretzel-hunting to all! (Hopefully I’ll do a few more posts for ya… we’ll see where the day takes me.)


3 thoughts on “Snack of the [Morning]: PRETZEL BAGEL!!! (Einstein Bros.)

  1. I hate to break this to you, but I just got word from my local Einstein’s here in Austin, TX that the company has discontinued their pretzel bagel. It was my favorite item on their menu. Makes me sad.

  2. They still have pretzel bagels in Brookfield, WI. They are my favorite, like you I eat them plain, no need for cream cheese! I wish I could find a recipe to make them at home…

  3. By “Philly pretzel”, I assume you’re raving about the pretzels made at the Federal Pretzel factory in South Philly…you can actually go there and get a box to be shipped home, provided they get home and in your freezer the SAME DAY OF PURCHASE, or else they’ll go stale (they have no preservatives). I speak from experience on this: my crazy Italian family grew up on South 8th St, a block from Pat’s Cheesesteaks. Those pretzels are the one thing I really miss living in Atlanta, where they only know how to make doughy, greasy, perfectly round pretzels. Anyone from Philly knows that pretzels are oblong, and attached to each other side to side, meant to be broken off one at a time as they’re consumed.

    Go to Federal St. and get yourself a box to go on your last day in Philly. Trust me, they’re worth every penny.

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