Sunday Bite: Amish Lady Cake (Beiler’s Bakery)

Cake a la slice.

It’s the last day of the holiday AND a Sunday, and I’m feeling a bit too lazy to write up the bigger Philly treks this morning. But here’s one of the unexpected food gems of the trip: a slice of cake from Beiler’s Bakery. My hosts called it “Amish Lady Cake,” because it’s made and sold by the Amish. (Therefore you probably can’t buy it on Sundays… Sabbath, right?)

Beiler’s is located in Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market. We’d just eaten cheesesteaks and were too full to take another bite of anything, so we took the cake for later eating. It made a delicious breakfast the following day, especially because it was very soft to chew. (I’d been forced to chew way too much gum while flying out, and was experiencing a shocking amount of jaw-pain… probably somewhat stress-induced, as well.)

There was white cake and yellow cake and chocolate cake and German chocolate cake and black walnut cake and red velvet cake… I was wracked with indecision, but I have a feeling they were all amazing.

Our yellow cake was light and fluffy (even though we ate it second-day) and the chocolate frosting was kinda perfect. I’m guessing the Amish use liberal amounts of butter. So I’m sad for my tastebuds that this cake is so far away from me now, but I’m glad for my waistline that it can’t be a weekly indulgence. (And yet… I have contemplated lady-napping an Amish baker.)

But if I’m only going to be in Amish territory every one in a while, maybe next time I’ll splurge on a whole Amish smorgasbord. Incidentally, smorgasbord is one of my favorite words ever… probably because of Templeton the Rat in the old animated Charlotte’s Web.


Although if I’m really REAL with myself, I would probably be afraid of the majority of Amish food… I have a feeling there’s a lot of pork and lard involved. And I’m a modern girl with a wimpy stomach.

But baked goods are always okay in my book! Next time I’m trying the white cake. (I have no idea when I’m going to be in Philly again, but I have my eatin’ wish list all planned out… now that I’ve got the tourist-staples out of the way, I can get more creative.)


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