Happy New Year!

Snowball made of snow!

You guys! I’m back from Philadelphia. And I’m violating my no-pictures-of-myself rule because I like this one a lot. Thanks to a series of small miracles (seriously– I don’t know how I pulled this off without having to sleep in an airport), I didn’t have to make a snowball of my own tears. Instead, I got a snowball of JOY.

Luck was on my side, but lucky breaks are generally paired with really hard work. My Philadelphia hosts made heroic attempts to get me out there and ultimately found the golden ticket that got me through. And when I finally arrived in the wee hours of the morning, they gave me lots and lots of food– short ribs, lasagna, chocolate… and that was just the first hour. (I’m eating my Trader Joe’s fair trade Swiss dark chocolate right now.)

But it’s nice to know that if I didn’t make it, my family would have given me a Philadelphia experience. Today they MADE these soft pretzels from scratch.  I missed it, but I’ve been promised a repeat performance the next time I’m home.

I want to go to there.

I don’t know how I managed to surround myself with great cooks and lovers-of-food, but it pleases me muchly.

This was a make or break year for the Binge… a few months ago I was not really keeping it up. But somehow things turned around, and the Binge not only lived, but thrived. (And by “thrived” I mean… you’re reading it. Thanks.) It just goes to show… you never know.

I don’t know what the future holds for any person or thing or blog, but this year things seemed to turn out for the best. So I hope next year follows suit, whatever that looks like.

Here’s to another year of great food & TV, writings & ramblings, and hopefully more travel-y snack treks… but less airport snafus.

And here’s to all the people who make it happen and make it fun. Because I would not be trekking without partners-in-crime. And I would not ever SEE or even KNOW some of you if it weren’t for our desire to go out and eat. Special shout-out to Lauren today– thanks to her connections I got a New Year’s dress on the quick and on the (relatively) cheap.

See you next year! (Tomorrow.) 🙂

As the Beatles say, “Love love love…”



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