Sad News

Probably a snowball made of travel-related tears.

My new flight to Philadelphia got canceled today AS IT WAS LOADING. (As did all of the other flights to Philadelphia for the WHOLE DAY… and maybe tomorrow.) The people going to first-stop Denver got on the plane and went to Denver. I did not get to go anywhere. And I might not get to go anywhere tomorrow, either.

Well, I did get to ride back to my parking lot, in a shuttle that smelled like maximum farts.

I cried a little (because of the flight, not the farts), but not 1000 tears. I’ll wait to see what happens tomorrow before I put that kind of effort into it.

But yeah, I’m missing my first snowfall. And it’s making me miss EVERYTHING. And everyBODY.

Just keeping you posted. Even though you’re probably like, “Leave us alone, depressing blog-person. Blog about delightful foodstuffs or SHUT UP.”

I did eat a bagel at the airport, but it didn’t even come with Philadelphia cream cheese. They gave me Neufchatel. Seriously, no Philly happening for me right now. Zero percent.

On the plus side, I’m not flying into a (supposedly) deadly blizzard.

There’s always a silver lining.


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