Holiday Binge: Cake Pops (by Daphne)


At first I was delighted when I found that that snow was in the forecast for Philadelphia. I’ve never seen snow falling! Woohoo. But I am a very stupid West Coast person, and I just found out that thanks to said snowstorm, my flight– which is supposed to take off tomorrow morning– might be FUCKED.

Well, that’s just perfect.

If I don’t make it to Philadelphia this weekend, I am going to cry a thousand tears. Literally, I will sit here squeezing out tears and counting them until I get to one thousand. Then I will freeze those tears into a snowball, and I’ll punch that snowball in the face. Because snow is not delightful when it’s ruining everything!

But that won’t make me feel any better. Actually, it might hurt my hand.

In the meantime, let’s look at some cake pops, artfully created by co-worker Daphne for last week’s holiday shindig.

Food, glorious food.

Can you SEE that those are white chocolate Christmas trees and milk chocolate Rudolphs with RED M&M NOSES?! You know what I call that? ART. And DEDICATION.

Also: Deliciousness. The consistency and moisture of the red velvet cake hidden within the chocolate shell was… perfect. I don’t even want to ASK how she achieved such a feat.

Lovely innards.

And on top of that, we had aesthetically pleasing Christmas donuts. For you weirdos who do not appreciate the art of the cake ball on a stick.

Go nuts donuts.

Remember when Krispy Kreme donuts were the craziest craze? And now it’s like, eh, whatever. But I gotta hand it to them– very pretty Christmas donuts, you guys!

Blergh, this was not an amazing distraction from my anxiety. If you don’t feel bad for me, at least feel bad for that polar bear. His ice is melting! We’re all jerks.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to all the gentle gentiles out there.


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