Do It Yourself: Marshmallows, Three Ways

I bit him in the ass!

Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Today my dad and sister (Dana) cooked up some potato side dishes for the Ronald McDonald House (good deed alert!), so we happened to have a bunch of marshmallows floating around the kitchen. A rare treat!

Dana crafted a gingerbread s’more (above), using the microwave. In case you’ve never tried it, marshmallows expand BIG TIME in the microwave. I’m not a fan of microwaved marshmallows, because I like the crispy outer-shell char of a marshmallow roasted on an open flame.

We have an electric stove-top so I couldn’t figure out where to find a flame– until I remembered that my office gave us Zippo lighters for Christmas!

NOW we're cookin'.

As a non-smoker, that’s the best use I can think of for a lighter. Roasted marshmallows, on the go! (I used a toothpick as a skewer.) They were still a little raw on the inside, so I kept cooking as I ate. (You can also use one of those long kitchen lighters… I think ours is out of fuel.) (I’m also not sure if you’re supposed to cook food directly over a gas-fueled flame, but it was only two marshmallows… hopefully I’ll live.)

I’m so Zippo illiterate that the first time I lit it, I could not figure out how to make the flame stop. I was trying to blow it out, like a birthday candle. (FYI, you have to close the lid to extinguish the fire.)

Finally, here’s a picture of the marshmallows that were oven-roasted atop the sweet potatoes. We’ve never done this before (as far as I can remember), and it looks like they got a little overzealous with the broiler.


The white underneaths kinda make the casserole look like it has a heavenly light shining out of it. Briquettes floating on clouds!

How do you enjoy your marshmallows? What’s the best way to cook them? I still say campfire! (Or some sort of open flame.)


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