Snack Trek: CANDY CANE LANE (Old Towne Orange)

Cute sign, ominous clouds.

For once, here’s a food-related trek that didn’t involve any edible food.

Last night we drove up and down Pine Street in Old Towne Orange, which has been renamed Candy Cane Lane for the holidays. Every single house on the street is decorated with personalized gingerbread men, and the trees along the sidewalks are strung with lights to look like candy canes. It’s a great group effort from the whole neighborhood.

Today the rain cleared and I went back to grab some pictures of the cuteness. (My camera would have been blurs-ville at night.)

Most Beautiful... allegedly.

I was particularly fond of the Charlie Brown gingerbread man. He looks pretty happy for a Charlie Brown– especially considering that somebody could take a bit out of him at any moment! (IF he were a real cookie, that is.)

Wah wahhh wah wah wahhhh.

Snoopy is doing a good imitation of me, after eating. Lately I go into a food coma at the drop of a hat. Curse you, rich holiday foods! (Or curse me, eating too much in general.)

I think this last one is my favorite…

This one captions itself.


That cookie is the real Charlie Brown of the neighborhood. Good grief!

Okay, I think I need to go hunt down an EDIBLE gingerbread cookie. Hopefully not a gingerbread person, because I’m terribly anthropomorphize-y about my food. I’m sorry, cookie! I’M SORRY.

Season’s Eatings!


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