Do It Yourself: Baby Banana Snack for All Ages (Crave! at Work)

Mommy & babies.

Hello, all! Have you heard about the rain in Southern California? Madness. Holiday madness. Luckily I survived it and am now watching “Man vs. Food” (yucky food) and “Top Chef: Just Desserts” (yucky people) with my sister and a snoozin’ puppy.

This post is a shout-out to everyone who can’t hide indoors or skip town yet– that’s right, the people who are still working. Here’s a little snack idea for you hard-working folks, utilizing foods that are probably sitting around your office kitchen. I used Crave’s baby bananas (yes, these are from the Holiday Challenge), but you can use adult bananas.

The ingredients:

Various nut butters.

-Pita, tortilla, or whatever bread you need to use up.

-Nutella, peanut butter… anything you think goes delicious with bananas, really. (Not pictured: Raisins.)


Of course, because I’m me and I like my snacks to be fun and/or adorable, I decided to make my snack heart-shaped.

Pita my heart.

Then I pretty much went to town, trying to alternate stripes of Nutella and peanut butter– so that it would be evenly distributed when I closed the wrap.

I would normally slice a banana into little circles against the grain, but the baby bananas were so small that I just halved them, length-wise.

See the secret smile?

It ain’t pretty, but it tastes good. I mean, banana, Nutella, and peanut butter… it’s hard to go wrong.


Does that count as a recipe? Haha. That’s it for my Crave! stuff, hope you enjoyed my fruity snacking/cooking.

Okay, I have to go focus on this commercial for Pajama Jeans.


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