Sunday Cake Discovery: PURPLE Velvet (Buttercake Bakery)

This is like discovering a unicorn.

Long time no blog, guys. I wasn’t ignoring you, just crazy-busy with work, etc. But now I’m on vacaciones until the new year, and I’ve made the executive decision that it’s too rainy to go to the gym this morning. So I’m watching “The Sing-Off” (go Backbeats!) and blogging about cake. (That’s good exercise, too? Right? No?)

Late last night, Cole called me up and told me that there was purple velvet cake at his apartment. No matter the rain, the hour– I hopped in my car and sped over.

The cake was from Buttercake Bakery, and was a birthday cake for Crystal’s sister, Annie. It’s kinda hard to tell from these pictures, but the cake was definitely purple. And purple is my favorite color. (Well– it’s tied with blue.)

Piece of cake.

Maybe because it had been in the fridge, the cake was not particularly zinging my tastebuds. But the frosting was a really nice complement to it, the right amount of sweet. And I’m not usually a frosting person.

It was a very appropriate companion to Cole’s Christmas gift to me: Desperate Cupcakes.

The rich old man is a "sugar daddy."

I have a few more cake-y things to share with you from this past week… stand by.


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