Winner Winner, Pears for Dinner!

I'm the Vanna White of pears.

Congrats to the winners of my Crave! At Work fruit giveaway!

In the local category, the winner is Melissa! She will be receiving the tote full of fruit. Hopefully she’ll invite all the local commenters to bake some banana bread with her. Or at least send us a picture of her cookings.

In the long distance category, the winner is lulacrazygirl! Lula will be receiving a handwritten letter. If she trusts me with her address. (Don’t worry… I’m far away.)

Completely randomly, Lula and Melissa happen to be the first and last commenters. Life is weird! But it WAS a random draw. Out of a glasses case, because I have no hat. Pink was distance, orange was local.

The "Guess" is appropriate.

I wish everybody could have won. Seriously. My heart hurts. Hopefully everybody who’s local to LA was inspired to cook something with fruit– and here’s what you can do! Go to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market this Sunday to buy some locally grown fruit, and while you’re there you can sign the petition to save the market! And maybe see Busy Philipps, because I always see her there.

And then you can go home and cook something delicious with a full and happy heart, because you helped a noble cause. And send me a picture of your cookings. Or a piece of it, if it’s something piece-able.

PS, I DID come up with a recipe (AND a snack) and I WILL post them soon. Things have just been crazy, and I’ve been throwing up these Snack Treks because they’re easier for me to whip up. (Don’t hate me, Crave!)


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