Snack [Trek] of the Afternoon, 12/13/10: THE BOBA TRUCK!

Boba fete.

Although I grew up in boba-friendly Orange County, I don’t recall ever ordering/drinking boba. Like, maybe I had a sip of somebody else’s once, but I’ve basically never had it before.

So when The Boba Truck! showed up this afternoon and people were excited and I saw that Yelpers highly endorsed it, I figured– this is my time.

Co-worker Charlie and I went out to the truck and smelled a few samples, and settled on the Cherry Blossom Green Milk Tea, which the Yelpers seemed to love. I was a little worried because I can be finicky about tea– I don’t like fruit teas, or mint teas, or… any tea I don’t like–but it turned out that the Cherry Blossom was a solid choice. Subtly spicy, not too sweet.

Purple straw!

“Your boba * your life,” just makes me think… “Your boba OR your life.” CREEPY CHOICE. (I choose life.)

The milk in the tea was non-dairy creamer, but they also have 2% Lactaid and soy milk. In case you were wondering. I’ve always wondered. That’s been part of my trepidation about the boba experience. (I drank WHAT? FULL-FAT BUTTERMILK?)

The tapioca pearls (boba balls?) were described to me as tasting like black licorice, and I can’t think of a better way of putting it. (They probably taste like tapioca, but I don’t really know what that tastes like…) They’re kinda… cold and squishy? And chewy. I don’t know, this is all going to sound really “that’s what she said.”

You should know this about boba balls: There are many of them. (The photo is deceptive.) And with every sip you sip, they will travel up your large special straw and try to jump into your mouth. (I know, I know…) Which is cool for the first few. But after a while… I was over the boba. Occasionally some sort of crazy suction trick would happen, and the balls will be suspended in the straw, defying both science and religion. (But mostly gravity.)

What WITCH conjured this spell?!

In high school I was in a Jewish leadership program that met in Irvine (very boba-friendly), and I remember some program-mates getting boba in a nearby outdoor mall and using the boba balls as awesome spitballs. I thought it looked SUPER fun. And they stuck to walls like a charm. (I bet the mall people LOVED us.)

Seeing as how I drank this in my cubicle, I resisted spitballing all the boba balls that I didn’t want to eat– but I did end up spitting the majority them onto a napkin. Better all that crazy gel on my napkin than in my easily upset stomach.


That’s the beginning. The pile got intense. There was a LOT of boba in there. This reminds me of really large caviar, and also of these cannonball piles I once saw at an old fort in Puerto Rico. (And maybe other old forts, too. Old forts… they all look the same!)

In conclusion, I liked the milk tea. The boba balls were a novelty but it got kinda tiresome having to deal with them. Maybe next time I’ll try the lychee jelly… or just hold the boba balls. (Yeah, yeah… hold the balls.) (Maybe THIS is why weird Google creepers are hitting my site.)

But I’m glad I tried them once. Cool experience, really nice guy working the truck… and really nice Charlie bought my tea for me. Inter-coworker chivalry is not dead!

Okay okay, time to shut this one down while I’m ahead. (I’m not ahead…)


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2 thoughts on “Snack [Trek] of the Afternoon, 12/13/10: THE BOBA TRUCK!

  1. El Morro Castle was the cannonball place. We went there with the Jacbos and Linebacks. You first tried boba at the Vietnamese place near the Music Room. Or was that Dana and Nicole? Whoever was with me we weren’t big fans.

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