Snack Trek: LOUKS TO GO Truck (at LA Renegade Craft Fair)

French fries IN THE FALAFEL!

Yesterday I met up with Lauren (& her mom!) and we hit up the LA Renegade Craft Fair. It was located in a sweet, unexpected park near Chinatown. I loved watching the Metro trains glide in and out of Downtown along the west edge of the fields. And apparently people fly kites there? It seemed like a great place for an urban picnic.

And once the sun went down, the lights of the Downtown skyline were beautiful.

There were definitely many Binge-worthy elements at the fair– especially the Koko Candles booth, which offered candles that looked like cupcakes and mac ‘n cheese. (Out of respect and/or laziness, I didn’t take pictures of the wares.)

The only picture I took at the booths was these Remedy Quarterly journals, because they seem right up the Binge’s alley. “Stories of food, recipes for feeling good.”

I'm interested.

I probably should have bought one. I ended up getting what I always buy on Etsy— a bunch of letterpress cards. I can’t show them here, or it will ruin the surprise for the recipients. (Not that everybody reads my blog, but people who get cards from me probably read it. Maybe.)

When Lauren and I saw the Louks To Go truck, we knew we had to try it. I’d previously discovered that they put French fries on their falafels. YES. Unfortunately by the time we got to the truck they were out of salads, chicken, tomatoes and tzatziki. No worries, I got a falafel (hold the feta) and they had honey mustard tzatiziki, which tasted kinda ranch dressing-y to me.

Special? Aw, shucks you guys.

The fries were a little cold, because we got there on the late end of things. Nonetheless, I enjoyed them in my falafel. It was very… hearty. (I’m feeling super lucky because Yalla Truck is coming to our offices today. Double hit of falafel deliciousness!) (And I already blogged Yalla… makes my life easier.)

Lauren also ordered some of the signature louks for dessert. I believe they were honey cinnamon, and were basically fried dough.

Louks like a donut hole.

Lauren’s mom worried that they were too greasy to be real. But they were good, in a greasy, I-think-I-just-took-a-year-off-my-life kinda way.

I had a blast and I can’t wait to hit up my next craft fair. It was really fun to chat with the vendors… and to spend time with my Lauren. (Insert heartsy heart here.)

Happy Monday the 13th! (Spooooky…)


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